Friday, January 29, 2010

flashback to falls...past

did i ever tell you how much i like fall?

i am dreaming of fall at this moment.

instead we are sitting here in the the light of 20 candles!

we are having a bad ice storm.
we have been out of electricity for the last 6 hours and i have heard that it may be several days before we get it back on.

when you live out in the country and you don't have an address or neighbors....your the last ones on!!

tomorrow they (the news stations or the Daily Oklahoman) will have named it.

storm names of the past....
May's Fury
Blizzard 09
**i'm drawing a blank, but it's a new one each time.

we are having a nice time and making the best of it.  My Man is playing the guitar and My Girl is singing, dancing, humming, eating, and drawing.  i am taking advantage of the 1 hour and 47 minutes (57%) of battery time on my laptop and my Sprint aircard. i am thinking happier, warmer thoughts.
thoughts of fall.

look how much fun fall has been in the past!



warmer fun fall days!!
my how time flys when you are having fun in the fall!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hello strangers...where ya been?

hello darling,
nice to see ya,
it's been a loooong time since i held ya...
your just as you....use to beeeeeeee........

have i ever told ya how much i LOVE Conway?

conway twitty...
i do.
his songs are important.
his songs are sexy.

and seriously....i have no idea where this is going.

i really just wanted to say i missed ya and i have lots of post headed this way.

they include:
secrets to a good roast...
make a bunny ear, and a loop and a swoop....oh yah
baby, green, blue, and blue
bye bye my hard earned lbs.....
wine...whos whinning???
organization....who me???
and fall......o how i love fall....still