Monday, October 26, 2009

me and peas and carrots!

a brief history of me and ree....i mean PW, i mean PDiddy,  i mean PDub, i mean

cousin renee (from TN) told me about her.

i ignored her.

she told me about her again and i was like, "whatever renee....i don't have time to read a stinkin blog about a girl who lives in the country."

''hello, i live in the country!  i know all about it.  what could i possibly find interesting about a girl in Oklahoma who lives in the country?''

anywho, i am easily peer pressured so i began reading it and i fell in love.  i fell in love with her humor, her retarded brother (again, her words not mine) and her dog Charlie.

i read (From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels) how this city girl, ex-ballerina, orthopedic surgeon's daughter, country club member, USC graduate came back to Oklahoma for a pit stop at her parents while she planned and began to execute her plan to move to Chicago to attend Law School.  Then one fateful night she walked into a bar and met her future husband.  a cowboy.

*note....many great loves stories come from couples who met in a bar.  i too walked into a bar in OKC and met my future husband.  ( and peas and carrots)

who doesn't love a good love story?  i do!  and if you should take the time to go read the love story of Ree (she and me are on a first name my world) and her Marlboro Man.

you'll enjoy the story if you take the time to read it. i read the story to My Man on a long trip to TX and he fell in love with her and he's pretty certain that she has a serious crush on him since we met her not long ago at the Range Round-Up Rodeo. Marlboro Man better watch out!!

here's how that went down:

i was looking around all wide eyed! 

i was in full on stalker mode!
i couldn't concentrate on what My Man was saying and i couldn't be bothered by My Girl's need for food.

i was on a mission to get a glimpse of my new "friend." 

then all of the sudden, coming down the ramp with two of her punks, there she was! 
(i was singing in my head, "isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful.  all stevie wonder like)

i was like uhhhhhhhgh GASP and then for NO REASON AT ALL...i turned my head and covered my face! 

yah, i know i was actin crazy.  she didn't and couldn't recognize me so no need for the crazy histronics but i just got a case of the nerves or something. AND i was thinking, "just don't turn around and stare, she's right behind you!"  then i heard My Man say, "Ree, you better be careful!  you are just about to be stalked!"  i couldn't believe my earlobes!  i couldn't believe my quiet, reserved, vanilla lovin guy was talkin to her and about me.  he told her WE (i love this man) were fans of her blog and we chatted for a bit.  ACTUALLY they chatted and i just bobbed my head up and down and smiled a bunch like a big goof!!!!! 

for the rest of the night i stared at her from across the arena and took a few pictures of her Ranch Crew, Kids, Marlboro Man and her.  i was in full on stalker mode again and i couldn't believe that meeting some gal from OK that writes a blog would make me feel so silly! 

anyway....she's starting her book tour today in Tulsa and then she's headed to The Full Circle Bookstore in OKC on Thursday at 6:30 to sign her brand new cookbooks.

i'll be there with Laini (my sister-n-law's sister-n-law).  i told her about PW and she too has the need to get a cookbook with a signature.  we are going to meet for dinner and plan the best way to stalk Ree at her book signing.

i will let you know how it goes.  in the meantime, go check out her website.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

a man with a plan...

today i slept in BUT when i woke up

my man had a plan and i had no other option but to get up and just go along with it.

but here's the deal...

in the beginning i was a trying (but not on pupose) to be a big monkey wrench in his plan.

of course i worked BUT lemme tell ya....i did lots of complainin'

"my ears hurt!  i can't work in the wind.  i have an ear infection.  everytime i am in the wind my ears hurt.  oh, man.  my back is killin me.  you know my hip has been killin me.  i have been nursing my hip and now i am in lots of pain.  i need some ibuprophen and a FIORCET!" 

o i said more, but THAT was the jist.

anyway i knew that there wasn't a thing i could do to get out of it so, in the words of Roger Miller, i just knuckled down, and buckled down so i could do it , do it, do it.....and fast.  I WANTED TO GET IT OVER WITH.

ps...he said it would take an hour or two and it took all day.

so finally i shut up and got after taking down the old orange panels and helped MY MAN whenever he needed a hand.

when it started looking like we were getting "down to the short rows" we needed to run home to get the bolt cutters to remove a section of the fence. 

at that point MY GIRL and i hatched a plan for a picnic.  MY MAN thought we should just grab a bite to eat at home but he got overrulled by the girls 2-1.

we ran home and grabbed a blanket, cutters and a ice chest.  stopped at the store for some freshly made bologna sandwiches, A&W root beers, chips and some candy.

we made it back to the farm and layed out the blanket and had the best picnic...EVER and My Man loved it.

i said, "wow, we have a great life!"  My Man and My Lil Girl agreed.  ALL WAS RIGHT IN OUR WORLD!!! 

it's funny what a picnic with the ones you love the most can do for your attitude.

we finished our job....mostly.

and it looked great and it will help us catch the calves....A LOT EASIER!!!

a few things crossed my mind today...

hard work is good for you.
i love watching My Man work.

food tastes better when eaten outside.
fall is my favorite season.
my daughter is perfect in EVERY way.

i love candy.

i love the country.

i love my lil family
my boots are so comfortable.
the acorns my lil girl found will look great in a hurricane vase.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

going to the chapel and their gonna get married!!

seth daniel and becca macall are getting married.

we will be taking a roadtrip to TN to help them celebrate this VERY special time in their lives.

we cant wait.

the country folk are goin to the "big city"  yeeeeee hawwwww!

we couldn't be more happy for this young couple. 

we love seth and becca.

ps....becca and her family know Dave Ramsey (THE finanical wizard) and he MAY be at the wedding!!
if so....i will shamelessly take a pic of him and post it and some of his wisdom on my blog.

he's a busy man so if he's not....i will post some of my very own wisdom.

check back for wedding photos and somebody's wisdom!

Friday, October 16, 2009

i got nuthin!

i dont have anything to say.......


when did that ever stop me!?!


mark you calanders....

on 10-16-09 alison had nothing to say.......

o wait.....i said, "i don't have anything to say!"

so does that count?


Sunday, October 11, 2009

my beautiful bff

meet my beautiful bff....
i call her b. for brandi....BUT

(her with the pretty teeth and me with the tiny Chicklet teeth)

there are several b words that describe her...

(2 more that have to stay just between bff's)
and....the new big one.....BRACES.

she gets them on today...... God bless her big beautiful teeth heart!!

i know what your saying...her? that beautiful girl with the big pretty smile and those perfect teeth? she needs braces?

apparently she needs braces and ORTHOGNASTHIC (what the heck is that) surgery to follow.

she has been saying that she is going into hiding for 15-18 months.

whatever.....i am going to work like a sled dog trying to get her out of hiding.....

how can she resist free dinners and drinks and movies?
(New Moon will be on the big screen soon).........

but here's the deal....this VERY pretty girl has no reason to to hide....EVER!

here she is at the lake.....
(she may drop one of the F's in BFF for this)

that's one HOT tamale!!!
and this woman has birthed 2 of the worlds most beautiful children....
lincoln and liberty, link and berti
see for yourself

i love these lil cats!

so anyway i just wanted to point out (in a very public way) that when you are are girl who's so very beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.....YOU DONT GO INTO HIDING!

what's she going to do?
 wear a hat and hide at home with her handsome homebody hottie, this...

i mean ....NOT that i would blame her by any stretch!!
but come on.........

(can that even be possible?)

i've loved you without 'em, i will love you with 'em and i will love you without 'em again....

let the braces begin.

and p.s. brandi....if you don't tell me what i have been wanting to know....i have more pics that i WILL post.  i am giving you 1 week and 2 days (for recovery) from today to give up the goods!  this is your official notice!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

you live in the country?

i told you that i would tell you all about living in the country...

but i haven't really because there's not much going on right now.

we will be catching calves soon to take to the sale.

i am in serious prayer about it right now.  i am praying it's not as hard as it was last year!

it took us 10 (ok 5) trips to the sale.  it should take two.  in a perfect world we would catch the calves from our home place and haul them to the sale on one day and then catch the calves from our other farm on the second day.

the problem is.....the calves at the OTHER farm are crazy as "all get out!" 
ANYWAY..thats coming up and it's always like a rodeo so look forward to some fun pictures. 

if i can get a picture of MY MAN giving me that look i will post it!  it's a look that says, "ALISON are you KIDDING me?  We are trying to catch cows and YOU are taking pictures? uhhhhhhhhh!"

for now i will just post a picture of my new car that i love so much!  it's not really what you expect to see on the farm but it's mine and i am determined to make it feel at home on the farm.  i ordered a sticker with our brand on it today!  i will brand that baby and she will forever be a part of the WF "ranch!"

apparently she will be a part of the WF for a long while.  my man told me that when i am finished driving her..."i'm gonna take the seats out of the back and use this ride for a feed truck!" 

and....he's serious.  yep....we live in the country!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

my favorite things...

the pioneer woman gave her list of favorite beauty products last week.

i love her but...what the heck?

mine are better and here they are in no particular order....

Aquaphor Ointment made by Eucerin

this stuff is THE ultimate all purpose must have.

use it for chapped lips, cheeks (both sets), scratches, burns....and dry skin patches.
i would also suggest this for those of YOU with badly cracked heels.  glop it on and cover with socks!!!

i also love Eucerin body lotion.  fragrance free and not sticky!

this is my new favorite beauty other compares......

Avon's WATERPROOF Glimmersticks Eye Liner
*note - this is just a picture....don't use blue eye liner......ever.  "Just because they sell it doesn't mean you should use it." i suggest the black!

this week i suggested this to PW and also to my friend Kim who is getting married on the beach.  it doesn't run or smudge and it goes on smooooth!

getcha an Avon gal and getcha some!

Clinique has the best face scrub.

Exfoliating Scrub
it's like a mini peel and it leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed.
luv it! stock up during bonus i do

speaking of Clinique.....they also make my favorite lipstick.

nude beach.

i have NEVER been to one.
don't suggest it, but i do think this lipstick is a MUST!!  it's the perfect neutral color!!

and lotion....Niven Morgan, Gold is the BEST lotion. 

well, i am not sure it does much moisturizing BUT it smells fabulous!!

so, everyone has their favorite beauty their tackle boxes/caboodles/makeup bag/purse!

i've told you mine, now tell me yours!!

ps...i need a new shampoo and face powder (i'm oily)....any suggestions?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

box cars....

today when i was driving my new ride....

i passed the UPS guy.....

i felt we had a special connection......

i am not SURE what it was......

i sure love my car......

beep beep!'s in the air...

meet my lil cousin Kehley (kay lee) Rae!

actually it Jennifer Kehley.

she's my favorite lil cousin. 

and i love her but she is stubborn. BUT i LOVE her.

she came to OK for Labor Day Weekend and went running with us.  in the middle of the run she had to stop and walk.  she had recently been in a walking boot but had been back to working out for a while.

i have the little hip problem so i was jog/walking myself.  i went to her and said, "why don't you stay here and i will go get the four wheeler and pick you up!"  she said, "NO, i am fine."  and now the doctor has scheduled her for surgery.  it's next week.  she is having ligament surgery in her foot.  i don't know all the details but i do know i should have picked her up and not listened to her because i am older and smarter and she is stubborn.  i know it and she knows it....and now you know it.

please keep this precious girl in your thoughts one week from today.  please take a minute or two to lift her up in prayer.

oh Kehley do i love thee.....let me count thy ways!!!

i love thee because you're stubborn.
i love thee because you think i'm cool.
i love thee because you are so very thoughtful.
i love thee because you think i am cool.

and in another week our Katie is having surgery. 
it's not a huge surgery, but it is surgery. 
apparently she has a little infected cyst in her tummy that has to come out. 
on the 23rd of October please lift my Katie up in prayer.

on the bright side...she will have a matching scar with her daddy.  he likes to say it's from that time he was in a knife fight in an alley down in Mexico.  i am not sure that will work for Katie but surely we can come up with something good......

good luck girls....i love you two knuckle heads!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

success and failures

remember i said i was gonna get serious and get in shape?

i said it.

i meant it.

i have lost 6 lbs in one week.

.....but now i am sick and i want brownies. 

i mean it.

i want them so very bad and i think i am gonna be bad.

i need soup but i think i am making brownies.

i thought that if i blogged about it i may see the light and resist.


going to make brownies...its just one of those days!!

pics and recipe to follow!

recipe update........Duncan Hines Chewy Brownies....why mess with a tried and true recipe!!!
picture.......a little blurry....all the sugar had my lil girl amped up......

Saturday, October 3, 2009

going camping...again! seems that Natailie has changed her mind about purchasing Inga, our airstream.

and i am OK with that.

it hit me on Thursday that i had turned a claim into my insurance company for my roof but had not even thought of the hail damage done to the Airstream from the horrible storm we had in April.

April you say?  i know...i am a little slow sometimes.

i made a claim on Friday and i think they are going to pay us for the damage on poor Inga.  so we are gonna keep her for a while and we are happy about it.

my lil girl is EXTREMELY happy about it, as fall break is coming and she wants to go campin!

i am just thinking about all the work it took to clean out the airstream and the fact that yesterday i sold (at our garage sale) almost everything we had accumulated for campin'.  o...........well.

i PLAN on adding only the essential items this time.......we shall see how that goes. (smile)

so sometimes things just work out the way they are supposed to work out!

on another note.....i DID sell the Tahoe and put MY MAN on a plane to Teennessee to see his parents, sister and her entire gang..........and to pick up my new ride! 

i love it. isn't it cute?  what?  it looks like a box you say?  SO!  i like boxes.  i HAVE to have a car to hold lots of little boxes (of medical equipment).  so.....its PERFECT!

i can't wait for him to get home.  we miss him and i have the flu (self diagnosed) and i need someone to bring me ice cream and ibuprophen.

what a weekend!!