Wednesday, December 30, 2009

photos of me...ick, but whatever!

i was looking at my fall pictures and realize that its over and i didn't get to share enough fall STUFF during fall.  where'd it go?  i miss it. 

its my favorite and EXPECT to see a few fall blogs soon.

but right now i wanna talk about me.  more specificly, i wanna talk about photos of me.  i do not take good pictures.  i MEAN i REALLY DONT!  and i am not just being hard on myself. 

honestly i think i am a nice looking gal. but when it comes to pics.....see for yourself.

i have squinty eyes and i have a horrible fake smile. my real one is not good but my fake one is worse.

and here i look like a deranged gorilla.  granted i wasnt trying to look good but when i look bad....i look BAD to the bone.

in this self portrait i look fake, puffy and a little like eeeeyah, whats up doc?

o wait, here i look ok. why do we have to be so hard on ourselves? i ALWAYS tell my friends and family that we need to enjoy who we are right now because this may be as good as it gets. when i am 40 i know i will die to look like this in pictures.

after further review i did find a few pictures that make me feel silly and shallow for saying what i said up above.
check this out.....

and look here......not to bad even with the double chinny chin chin and belly!!

hmmm hmmmm.........this is ok too even with the poochy tummy

so anyway, i need to take some advise from my 5 year old.
"be who you are!"

she's right and i am gonna love who i am and embrace my pictures. good and bad!

i am healthy, happy and loved by God, my husband, my family and my friends.
i have a job, food, and a warm home.
i am thankful....even if i don't take good pictures. 

girls will be girls......

we can't have it all, but i do have more than i deserve.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


well, well, well, i have been soooo busy with work and Christmas preperations that i have not had time to blog!

but now we are in a full on blizzard so i have lots of time to blog!

this happened today, in my courtyard!

and you can't see out half of our back door!

and the winds are amazing!!!!

and baby it's coooooooold out siiiiiiiiide!

i sing while i freeze tra la la! freeze tra la la! freeze tra la la!

la la!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

holiday shopping trip......gone so wrong!

Yesterday i bought a Christmas tree from Woodward's Furniture Store. Tonight, my mom, my friend and i went to their annual Christmas open house. I asked the owner for the price of a Christmas tree for my mom and made mention that i had bought the tree (a display tree that was for sale) and i LOVED it! She said she knew and that she "wanted to kick my A**!" She said it sorta joking, BUT SHE DOES NOT KNOW ME AND WHO SAYS THAT TO A CUSTOMER?  If she didn't want to sell it she should have told me it wasn't for sale until after the open house!!!  SO, we continued to shop and found that we had our hands full! I asked if there was a place we could sit our things and they said NO. My friend had her hands full with all her large items so when she added a LARGE piece of 8 dollar greenery..she stuck it in her $850 purse, but it was hanging out at least a foot! She made her $80 purchase (including the greenery) and was followed to my car and her things were searched. She came back into the store and told me what had happened. At that point, I made the decision NOT to purchase the things i had picked out. We pulled the owner outside (not to cause a scene) and asked him to give her a refund! He said he would have to ask his wife and then went inside and left us outside. We then took the box of stuff inside (it was 34 degrees) and asked what they were going to do. It seems it's store policy for no returns on open house night items?!? After some time they were thinking about a return when they began comparing her receipt to the things i had NOT bought and found that there was a discrepancy! Of course...her receipt did not match the things I WAS going to buy! Anyway, while they were thinking about giving a refund..two things happened!!! friend's name was drawn to win a table and two....another old man was accused of "stuffing his pockets full" and he had NOTHING! So, once I pointed out that the things they were looking at were not her box and her box of things were on the floor where the owner had placed them. At that point, they didn't know what to say! THEY DID NOT SAY SORRY FOR ACCUSING HER TWICE! So, I said, "forget it, just give us her things she PURCHASED and her FREE TABLE and we will leave if you don't want to do a return?!?  He said OK and we got back into the Honda Element we rode in on! Make your own decision where to shop but we will NOT be going back! I was going to buy a desk from Santa for my lil girl there....NOT NOW! The cop was embarrassed because he had to search two people who did NOTHING wrong! It would have been nice if they had let us sit our things somewhere or had offered a box for our things! I am sure it was a busy night for them but it was a horrible night for us!!!

my lovely friend. who is not a thief.......

and now that i think about it.....i think the owner was just mad at me for buying her display tree and took it out on my friend!!!!!