Tuesday, June 22, 2010


since there has been such a PUBLIC OUTCRY for me to post a new blog i thought i better get right on it!!!  seriously, i have been busy and i have been busy and i have been busy.

doing what you say?

my job (thankful i have one)

my lawn (thank God for the riding lawnmower invention)

working cows (kevin gave himself a vaccination and had to have emergency surgery, story to follow)

cleaning out closets and cabinets (it only took me 6 months to complete my new years resolution)

going to the lake (it's a muddy mess but its my summer oasis)

playing with my girl (she's the sweetest)

eating popsicles (my weakness, along with wine, cheese, and donuts)

getting a new neighbor (our first and only neighbor....we live so far out we don't even have one, yet!)

sleeping, reading, eating, and exercising (a little)

so stay tuned and i will post a new blog about my man and his EMERGENCY SURGERY!!