Tuesday, June 22, 2010


since there has been such a PUBLIC OUTCRY for me to post a new blog i thought i better get right on it!!!  seriously, i have been busy and i have been busy and i have been busy.

doing what you say?

my job (thankful i have one)

my lawn (thank God for the riding lawnmower invention)

working cows (kevin gave himself a vaccination and had to have emergency surgery, story to follow)

cleaning out closets and cabinets (it only took me 6 months to complete my new years resolution)

going to the lake (it's a muddy mess but its my summer oasis)

playing with my girl (she's the sweetest)

eating popsicles (my weakness, along with wine, cheese, and donuts)

getting a new neighbor (our first and only neighbor....we live so far out we don't even have one, yet!)

sleeping, reading, eating, and exercising (a little)

so stay tuned and i will post a new blog about my man and his EMERGENCY SURGERY!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

we remember

multiple times i have caught myself saying, "this world is so crazy, i am so glad i live in the country.  i am so glad i live in Oklahoma," and then i remember.  i will always remember.  On September 11, 1995 i was walking down the hallway of my highschool in my senior year and somebody grabbed me and took me into the library and we watched the news coverage of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building in downtown OKC.  the bombing was unimaginable.  it was unthinkable.  it was shocking and tragic.  it hurt so many people, it killed 168 people and it brought so many Oklahomans together.

15 years later we celebrate and remember the lives of the 168 men, women, and children who died.  in remembering those individuals, each year for the last 10 years people from all across the nation join together to run or walk in the OKC Memorial Marathon.  three years ago my family and i made the decision to participate in the memorial 5k.  this year my girl participated in her first 5k.  she was such a big girl.  i was so proud of her and it was a walk i will always remember.

as we walked i kept talking to her.
i told her i was proud of her.
i told her that we were blessed to have such good health.
i told her that we have such an amazing life.
i told her we were walking because 168 others could not.
i told her i loved her.

each day is a blessing and a true gift from God.  each year for as long as there is a a OKC Memorial Marathon, we will be there to remember those lost and to celebrate the life they lived, and our life!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter.....

Dont you just LOVE Easter?  It's a special time of year.
Not only is it a celebration of the resurection of Jesus but also the resurection of flowers, trees, bermuda grass and......Morel Mushrooms!!!!!

It's a tradion in my family to hunt for Morel Mushrooms right around Easter.  They are delicious little morsels that you find in the woods and eat.  The recipe is simple.  Cut in half or fourths if you have a large one and then you dip em in egg and then flour and then you DEEP FRY 'em till they are golden brown in half canola oil and half butter flavored Crisco.  Sprinkle with seasoned salt and serve with baked beans and potato salad!!  All I can say is YUMMO!
BUT.....here is what they lool like.

DO NOT get the wrong ones.  Here's a hint....if the Red Bud Trees are not blooming it's not a Morel and if it's RED than you do not pick nor eat it or it will cause serious gastrointestinal complications and maybe even DEATH...ok maybe not DEATH but....just maybe. 

We will be hunting tomorrow after church.  I will post some pics of us hunting and of Master Chef Mike cooking up these delicious fungi.

The Easter Bunny just stopped by and left My Girl a goodie basket filled with a swim suit, clothes, and candy.  Do you know what he also left behind?  He left his tradional trail.  He's done that for as long as i can remember.  He starts at the bed or bedroom door and leaves a little trail of jelly beans all the way to the stash of goodies.  This really is a tradition that is loved by all who wake up in our home....except me for some reason?  hmmmmm.....maybe i haven't been good since i moved out on my mom and dads?!?
Here's what it looks like......
This trail goes into the livingroom where My Girl will find lots of JOY on Easter Morning!

Happy Easter....I hope your day is filled with tradition and family in celebration of the Resurection of Jesus!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

one fine day....

yesterday was sunny and 60 degrees!


we've been living in a snow globe for the last 3 months.
**see previous posts

but yesterday.....was a FINE day and here's how it went down.......
slept in
had a bowl of Wheaties with a banana...yummm
visited with my mother and father in law
put together My Girl's trampoline with the help of my father n law
watched My Girl jump
got to see the BIG FAT HOG that Jimmy Earl caught
(seperate post to follow)
watched UP (must see movie) in the livingroom with the windows open
took a catnap with My Man
wormed and fed the cows
took some really sweet baby calf photos
and had a yummy dinner. 

and for the record.....fried cabbage is waaaay underrated

have a lil look at our fun, fine day!!

one fine day......
it was enjoyed by all....

but i bet someone shakes the snow globe again......before spring actually arrives.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


i told you that THEY were gonna name the recent storm we just went through, but seriously...as bad as this storm was............the name was a total let down!

what?  it should have been
Artic Blast
Winter Whiteout
heck, Winter Wipeout

anything other than just plain ol' ICE STORM 2010 would have been better!

this storm was not like ANY other storm that i have witnessed in my 33 years.

there were poles down everywhere.  there were metal poles shattered.  there were cross country poles down for miles.  it was like a domino effect!! 

almost everyone i know lost electricity and some are still without after over a week.

here are a few pictures...they do NOT do it justice.
That line across the picture on the left is an electric line covered in 3" of ice!!! 

Friday, February 5, 2010

reeeeeed riverrrrr....(singing it like the song....moon river)

me:  "yay, we just got back from skiing......."
people:  "o cool, where'dja go!!!!"
me:  "Red River"
people:  "o"
me (thinking in my head):  whatever snow snob!!

seriously...Red River has the same snow as all the other mountains.  its fresh, cold, white and fun.  BUT i guess its not as big as other mountains and parks so SOME PEOPLE aren't as enthusiastic about it as i am.  but here's why i love it so, so, very much.

i love it because its small.
i love it because its where i learned to ski (sorta).
i love it because its where our kids learned to ski and snowboard.
i love it because it has some really cool OLD lifts and even a new one.
i love it because you can walk everywhere you need to go (not that i do, but i could).
i love it because it is the home of the Sundance Mexican restaurant for the last 37 years.
i love it because everytime we go back there is someone we know and knows us.
i love it becasue it feels like our town....even if it is for only 5 days a year.

and here's proof of all these reasons.....

Red River 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

flashback to falls...past

did i ever tell you how much i like fall?

i am dreaming of fall at this moment.

instead we are sitting here in the livingroom....in the light of 20 candles!

we are having a bad ice storm.
we have been out of electricity for the last 6 hours and i have heard that it may be several days before we get it back on.

when you live out in the country and you don't have an address or neighbors....your the last ones on!!

tomorrow they (the news stations or the Daily Oklahoman) will have named it.

storm names of the past....
May's Fury
Blizzard 09
**i'm drawing a blank, but it's a new one each time.

we are having a nice time and making the best of it.  My Man is playing the guitar and My Girl is singing, dancing, humming, eating, and drawing.  i am taking advantage of the 1 hour and 47 minutes (57%) of battery time on my laptop and my Sprint aircard.

ok......so i am thinking happier, warmer thoughts.
thoughts of fall.

look how much fun fall has been in the past!



warmer fun fall days!!
my how time flys when you are having fun in the fall!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hello strangers...where ya been?

hello darling,
nice to see ya,
it's been a loooong time since i held ya...
your just as lovely....as you....use to beeeeeeee........

have i ever told ya how much i LOVE Conway?

conway twitty...
i do.
his songs are important.
his songs are sexy.

and seriously....i have no idea where this is going.

i really just wanted to say i missed ya and i have lots of post headed this way.

they include:
secrets to a good roast...
make a bunny ear, and a loop and a swoop....oh yah
baby, green, blue, black...black and blue
bye bye my hard earned lbs.....
wine...whos whinning???
organization....who me???
and fall......o how i love fall....still