Saturday, May 1, 2010

we remember

multiple times i have caught myself saying, "this world is so crazy, i am so glad i live in the country.  i am so glad i live in Oklahoma," and then i remember.  i will always remember.  On September 11, 1995 i was walking down the hallway of my highschool in my senior year and somebody grabbed me and took me into the library and we watched the news coverage of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building in downtown OKC.  the bombing was unimaginable.  it was unthinkable.  it was shocking and tragic.  it hurt so many people, it killed 168 people and it brought so many Oklahomans together.

15 years later we celebrate and remember the lives of the 168 men, women, and children who died.  in remembering those individuals, each year for the last 10 years people from all across the nation join together to run or walk in the OKC Memorial Marathon.  three years ago my family and i made the decision to participate in the memorial 5k.  this year my girl participated in her first 5k.  she was such a big girl.  i was so proud of her and it was a walk i will always remember.

as we walked i kept talking to her.
i told her i was proud of her.
i told her that we were blessed to have such good health.
i told her that we have such an amazing life.
i told her we were walking because 168 others could not.
i told her i loved her.

each day is a blessing and a true gift from God.  each year for as long as there is a a OKC Memorial Marathon, we will be there to remember those lost and to celebrate the life they lived, and our life!