Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter.....

Dont you just LOVE Easter?  It's a special time of year.
Not only is it a celebration of the resurection of Jesus but also the resurection of flowers, trees, bermuda grass and......Morel Mushrooms!!!!!

It's a tradion in my family to hunt for Morel Mushrooms right around Easter.  They are delicious little morsels that you find in the woods and eat.  The recipe is simple.  Cut in half or fourths if you have a large one and then you dip em in egg and then flour and then you DEEP FRY 'em till they are golden brown in half canola oil and half butter flavored Crisco.  Sprinkle with seasoned salt and serve with baked beans and potato salad!!  All I can say is YUMMO! is what they lool like.

DO NOT get the wrong ones.  Here's a hint....if the Red Bud Trees are not blooming it's not a Morel and if it's RED than you do not pick nor eat it or it will cause serious gastrointestinal complications and maybe even DEATH...ok maybe not DEATH but....just maybe. 

We will be hunting tomorrow after church.  I will post some pics of us hunting and of Master Chef Mike cooking up these delicious fungi.

The Easter Bunny just stopped by and left My Girl a goodie basket filled with a swim suit, clothes, and candy.  Do you know what he also left behind?  He left his tradional trail.  He's done that for as long as i can remember.  He starts at the bed or bedroom door and leaves a little trail of jelly beans all the way to the stash of goodies.  This really is a tradition that is loved by all who wake up in our home....except me for some reason?  hmmmmm.....maybe i haven't been good since i moved out on my mom and dads?!?
Here's what it looks like......
This trail goes into the livingroom where My Girl will find lots of JOY on Easter Morning!

Happy Easter....I hope your day is filled with tradition and family in celebration of the Resurection of Jesus!!!