Monday, January 10, 2011

since my last post...

in my defense i tried to post a blog.  twice in one day actually.  and it didn't load...twice.  i ran across an old friend's blog and it inspired me to post a new one and i tried.  unsuccessfully.  i was so compelled by her new blog because it made me think!  as i read her post i just sat there and cried!!!  she opened my eyes to the fact that the only time i had mentioned GOD was to say, "thank GOD for this or that!"  of course i have shared stories of things that we are able to do because of God, but never had i once mentioned what we were doing to please HIM. 

the new year is here and of course we ask SO VERY much of him throughout the year.  THIS year i plan to see what i can do for him this year to GLORIFY HIM! it's the VERY least i can do.

since my last post he has been with Muh Man through two (hand and knee) surgeries and 4 other surgeries for family members.  he has also provided a miracle in the life of my SIL and BIL.  PLUS, he has protected me as i traveled over 40 thousand miles this year on very dangerous roads. 

those are just the BIG things that he's done for me.  that does not count the daily blessings i receive and that i am totally unworthy of.  so, it's the very, very, very least i can do. 

thank you stemmon's family for opening my eyes!!