Saturday, February 6, 2010


i told you that THEY were gonna name the recent storm we just went through, but bad as this storm was............the name was a total let down!

what?  it should have been
Artic Blast
Winter Whiteout
heck, Winter Wipeout

anything other than just plain ol' ICE STORM 2010 would have been better!

this storm was not like ANY other storm that i have witnessed in my 33 years.

there were poles down everywhere.  there were metal poles shattered.  there were cross country poles down for miles.  it was like a domino effect!! 

almost everyone i know lost electricity and some are still without after over a week.

here are a few pictures...they do NOT do it justice.
That line across the picture on the left is an electric line covered in 3" of ice!!! 

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